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Is your company working in international agricultural trade, wanting to viably scale up its sustainability ambitions?

Is your company looking for knowledge on your market in developing countries and upcoming markets?

Is your organisation in need of someone to (temporarily) lead your sustainability department?

Are you an NGO, Embassy or other (inter)government organisation and looking to connect your programmes to private sector?

Or would you like to know the impact of your sustainability programme with use of qualitative & quantitative research methods?


Alonzi might be able to support you in achieving this. Alonzi isinspired by the French expression ‘Allons-y’ or ‘let’s go’! My drive comes from an entrepreneurial spirit with a strong sense of curiosity, a critical mind and the desire to deliver professional high quality work. I have extensive professional network and seen as an innovator, out-of-the box thinker and very structured. For more on me follow the link my Expertise and This is me


I am collaborating with Agri-Logic for the larger assigments, hereby broadening the base of skills and expertise. In addition I joined a part-time MBA (weekends) at the Rotterdam School of Management in order to provide more value to you as a customer.


Project development and management, Market and Value Chain Analysis, Building Partnerships,Access to Finance, Sustainable Supply Chains, CSR Policy development, Fund Raising, Impact Evaluation, Interim CSR Manager


Regions: West and East- Africa, Madagascar, Asia (Indonesia, India and Vietnam) | Working Languages: English, French, Dutch

A VUCA World


Ever heard of a VUCA world? VUCA is short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. From Oxford Leadership volatility is: A brutal increase in four dimensions of the changes that we face today: the type, speed, volume, and scale. We are less able to predict future events, getting us to the uncertainty. The environment we operate in has become more complex, more interconnected and has many variables. The ambiguit shows us there is lack of precision and as there is no precedent, we are collectively facing the unknown.

The world around us is changing fast. Tech changes that take place in six months are five years in the ' normal world'. Jeremy Rifkin already predicted a third industrial revolution. We will have to look at other sources of energy and water use to stop climate change, we have to drastically change the way we produce and consume. Scarcity of natural resources and the need to feed the fast growing population has brought about incredible technological innovations in the agriculture and food industry. From recylcing to upclycling and zero waste. A VUCA world, makes us responsibile to seize opportunities, innovate, collaborate, co-create, learn and contribute to solving the challenges faced...and I am looking forward to it.



Sustainable development involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity or in more general terms, sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We have the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) and large mulitnationals are starting to come aboard and are showing accountability for their operating environment. We have started ranking the companies on their sustainability, think of the Dow Jones Jones Sustainability Index, CDP's 'A List', Oxfam's Behind the Brand or SustainAbility and GlobeScan’s annual Sustainability Leaders Survey...and many more exist and will sure follow. Also we don't know where to look or our consumer product is certified. Are we now more sustainable (who measures? what is measured? and how is it measured? what is the impact) and should we care? Yes, it's our future and we know better now. With information comes responsibility. Are we there yet? Not really, much still needs to be done, but the pace is fast and we seem to be going in the right direction. Though, bumps, potholes and sharp curvest are likely to lie ahead on this road.


Two minds are better than one and within the larger projects I will be partnering with Agri-Logic B.V and its three senior partners on the larger projects, making use of each others expertise and skills set, gaining in efficiency. In short better serving the needs of our customers.

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Mentioned here because like co-creation an important tool in analysing and solving challenges we face. Simply said it is an organized collection of parts (or subsystems) that are highly integrated to accomplish an overall goal. Systems thinking focuses on the way that a system's components interrelate and how systems work over time within the context of larger systems. Systems thinking is used as a holistic approach to analyses and to work on complex problems.

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